Congratulations to Huanshuo Being Named “Model Unit in Shanxi Province”

    As the May 1, International Labor Day is approaching, our city held the “May 1” commendation congress at the Hedong Hall on April 28。 Advanced collectives and individuals emerged from every walk of life and all fields in this city were praised in this congress。 This congress is intended to further promote the spirit of model workers, light the labor passion, and motivate & encourage all staff members in the city to take model workers as examples。 It is also intended to create more achievements and make new contributions so as to promote the transformation and quick development of the city’s economic and social development, and speed up the building of beautiful Hedong and great Yuncheng。

    Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. won the honor of “model unit in Shanxi Province” in this congress. In 2013, Shanxi Huanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. conformed to the requirement of development of the times, and actively engaged in the construction of a smart city. It cooperated with ZTE Corporation (China's Top 500), and they worked together to construct the smart city. Thereinto, the cloud platform for smart education built by Huanshuo in the whole province can make everyone get access to teaching resources and spaces. During April 25–27, Huanshuo displayed interactive classrooms, course recorders, and other solutions which are based on cloud platforms in the Chinese Education Equipment Exhibition held in Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. Huanshuo made a great contribution to the promotion of education informationalization reform, the building of specialized teaching environment, and the realization of the sharing and equalization of educational resources.

    This prize indicates that the achievement of Huanshuo in the process of innovative development, leaping development, and beyond development is affirmed and highly praised by the party committee and the municipal government and wins wide recognitions and agreements of the whole city people. In the future development process, Huanshuo shall maintain the consistent excellent tradition and style, continue to play the leading role, make persistent efforts, forge ahead, and regard this congress as a new starting point so as to write a new brilliant canto in the development of Yuncheng.

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