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The main international website for anyone wanting to research the subject of wrestling in its wide array of forms is The Web's Best of Amateur Wrestling by Tom Fortunato which has thousands of links to sites around the world and is the first stop to find out the state of the sport in the world;


The Coreeda Association of Australia is affiliated with the South Korean based World Martial Arts Union, which has UNESCO recognition for its invaluable effort to preserve the unique martial arts of the world through the Intangible Cultural Heritage program and their website is an interesting read;


A good friend of the Coreeda Association is the American based journalist, wrestler and all round top bloke Tim Foley who is presently travelling the world to document all the traditional wrestling styles of the world through his blogsite Wrestling Roots, a site worth the read just for the information it provides;


The International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles FILA is a dynamic international organisation that not only mandates freestyle, greco and feminine wrestling for the Olympics, as well as the Wrestling World Championships and other international meets such as the Commonwealth Games but is also very active in promoting a whole range of wrestling styles such as Pankration, Combat Grappling, Submission Grappling, Beach Wrestling, Belt Wrestling and Traditional Wrestling as per their new website;


The International Sumo Federation is the world body for Amasumo (i.e. amateur sumo) which is different to the professional Ozumo run by the Nihon Sumo Kyokai. With over 50 nations competing at the annual Sumo World Championships, the International Sumo Federation is a member of Sport Accord and participate in both the World Games and the Combat Games, it probably will have Olympic status one day. Their website has links to various national bodies and the Nihon Sumo Kyokai also has an English website;


The World Ssireum Federation has taken on the task of trying to popularise traditional Korean wrestling on an international scale and have affilaite bodies on all six continents including Australia. There is an English part to their website which can be seen by following the leads;


The International Federation of Celtic Wrestling FILC is a European based organisation that encompasses about a dozen smaller traditional wrestling groups and is closely affiliated with the European Traditional Sports & Games Association. The following websites are very informative;


The International Glima Association is closely connected with the above organisations but specialises in promoting the Icelandic form of traditional wrestling in Scandinavia & Northern Europe as per their website;


The Eidgenossischer Scwingerverband is the Swiss traditional wrestling organisation that promotes Schwingen and holds a national Swiss championship every three years to choose a Schwinger Konig or King of Swiss Wrestling;


The Euskaldunak people of the Basque Country in the French Pyrenees have their own unique style of wrestling called Barroka that is somewhat like Sumo and involves two belt wearing opponents trying to force each other backwards across a boundary line, which you can read more about at this Barroka 64 Club site;


The Turkish Wrestling Federation not only promotes international wrestling styles such as freestyle and greco but also organises national championships for traditional styles such as Karakojak and Yagli Gures or Oil Wrestling. The annual Kirkpinar Festival held each June in the ancient city of Edirne is one of the major traditional wrestling events of the world which has tens of thousands of spectators and a television viewing audience in the millions. There is also a Turkish Traditional Sports Federation that promotes national championships in Aba Gures (Jacket Wrestling), Kusak Gures (Belt Wrestling) and Kisar Salvar Gures;


The International Kurash Federation promotes an annual world championship in the traditional wrestling style from Uzbekistan as per the website;


The European Shuai Jiao Union is close to creating a true international body for Chinese Wrestling and will be conducting a world championship from 2011;


The International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation is promoting this ancient form of martial arts training globally by organising an annual World Championship that includes traditional koshti wrestling in addition to many other types of excercises;


The I.R. Rural & Tribal Sports Federation is doing much to promote many of the unique sports and games of Iran including the unique jacket style of wrestling from Khorasan Province called Bachoukeh Kushti, which can read more about at this site;


Mongol Bukh is an international organisation that conducts tournaments in the traditional wrestling styles of Greater Mongolia;


The International Amateur Sambo Federation conducts the Russian style of jacket wrestling/martial art around the world, is already affiliated with Sport Accord conducting tournaments at the World Games, the Combat Games and is now vying for Olympic inclusion;


The Traditional Sports Federation of Nigeria conducts championships in three styles of Nigerian wrestling Hausa kokawa, Yoruba gidigbo and Igbo mba as well as sending athletes to the annual Championat d'Afrique as sponsored by the Economic Community of West African States, the fastest growing professional form of traditional wrestling in the world;


The Mexican Traditional Sports & Games Federation is not only reviving the ancient ballgames of the Aztec & Mayan peoples but is also coordinating championships in two styles of traditional wrestling, najarapuami belt wrestling practiced by the Tarahumara people of Chihuahua and Sinaloa in the North and chupa porrazo del tigre practiced by the Zapaotec people of Guerrero;


The Brazilian Government is likewise sponsoring the native sports of its country through the annual Popular Indigenous Games which has two styles of wrestling, huka huka from the Xingu River area of Matto Grosso and a catch hold style called ijesu from Tocantins;


Intermat Wrestling is a great USA based website for all things relating to wrestling and often publish articles about traditional styles of wrestling from around the world;


The International Kabaddi Federation is promoting annual world championships for this sport from the region around the Sub-Continent in which Australian Sikh men have competed and will continue to do so;


The International Belt Wrestling Association is a Russian based group promoting international events in a style of belt wrestling native to Russian Tartarstan called koras but are doing this through two website, the other called the International Association of Traditional Wrestling Sports;


The World Armwrestling Federation is the international body for the Australian Armwrestling Federation and has an enormous data base on its website;


Tug of War International Federation is the international body for the Australian Tug of War Association and can be found at;




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