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Since the formation of the Coreeda Association of Australia, we have noticed that coreeda is not the only developing wrestling style practiced in Australia and many other traditional sports are also struggling for recognition. Since 1999 the Coreeda Association has reached out to these sporting bodies to work in mutual benefit, with many other wrestlers coming over to try coreeda and coreeda wrestlers participating in the competitions of the other styles. It is a core philosophical belief within the Coreeda Association that by cross training in other styles of wrestling, Coreeda Warriors open their souls to all of humanity and it is hoped this may one day lead to a universal world peace. 


Some coreeda wrestlers have even competed internationally in these other styles and certainly our closest link is with the Australian Sumo Federation. We also have had a decade long connection with Turk Wrestling Australia and the Coreeda Association has been pivotal in the creation of the Association of Australian Celtic Wrestlers, the Australian Ssireum Association and more recently Sambo Australia Inc. Since 2010 these groups have worked collaboratively to create an informal confederation called the Australian Society of Traditional Wrestlers. ASTW is now sponsored by Weapons Plus Martial Arts Supplies, a company that supports any traditional combat sport needs and can be contacted at this website;


As it  stands in 2012, the Australian Society of Traditional Wrestlers is comprised of;

1. The Coreeda Association of Australia (formed in 1998 affiliated with the World Martial Arts Union)


2. The Australian Sumo Federation Inc (formed in 1992 affiliated with the Oceania Sumo Union and the International Sumo Federation)


3. The Australian Ssireum Association (formed in 2010 affiliated with the World Ssireum Federation)


4. The Association of Australian Celtic Wrestlers (formed in 2000 affiliated with the International Federation of Celtic Wrestling)


5. Turk Wrestling Australia Inc (formed in 1985 affiliated with the Turkish Wrestling Federation & the Turkish Traditional Sports Federation)


6. The Australian Kurash Federation (formed in 2010 affiliated with the International Kurash Federation)


7. The Australian Kabaddi Federation (formed in 1990 affiliated with the International Kabaddi Federation)


8. The Australian Zurkhane Sports Federation (formed in 2008 affiliated with the International Zurkhane Sports Federation)


9. The Australian Shuai Jiao Union (formed in 2008 affiliated with the European Shuai Jiao Union)


10. The Australian Belt Wrestling Association (formed in 2007 affiliated with the International Belt Wrestling Association)


11. FILA Australian Pankration & Grappling Committee (formed in 2010 affiliated with the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles)


12. Sambo Australian Inc (formed in 2010 affiliated with Federation International Amateur Sambo)


13. Australian Chin Lai Paih Association (formed in 2010 affiliated  with International Chin Lai Paih Association)


14. Swiss Wrestling Club (formed 2001 affiliated with Eidgenossischer Schwingerverband)


15. Mongol Bukh Australia (formed in 2008 affiliated with Pan Mongol Bukh Association)


16. African Wrestling and Sports Federation of Australia (formed 2011 affiliated with Traditional Sports Federation of Nigeria)


17. Kushti Australia (formed in 2011 & affiliated with the Indian Traditional Wrestling Federation


18. Glimusamband Astralia (formed in 2011 & affiliated with the International Glima Association


19. Australian Kazakh Kures Association (formed in 2011 & affiliated with the International Kazakh Kures Association)


20. FILA Australian Beach Wrestling Committee (formed in 2011 & affiliated with the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles)


21. Australian Tug of War Association (formed in 1983 & affiliated with the Tug of War International Federation)


22. Australian Armwrestling Federation (formed in 2010 & affiliated with the World Armwrestling Federation)


Unlike other sporting bodies at present the ASTW exists purely as a support network to promote the activities of each organisation, so a greater level of awareness can be achieved for these sports.  This body has no recognition from any government organisation as yet and obviously has no jurisdiction over the individual activities, it simply exists to encourage spectators to attend events where these sports are held and tries to publicise this in the general media, so a thorough sporting record can be attained. Every two months a newsletter will be emailed to people on this network and so far this is an international audience of over 3000 individuals. The aim of ASTW is to get recognition for these sports from the Australian Sports Commission and this will most likely entail forming a new Umbrella National Sporting Organisation but by maintaining solidarity this is certainly an achievable goal. Contact us if you would like to recieve a copy of the e-newsletter. We are hoping to expand this organisation even more and encourage other small wrestling groups to join us in this endevour. We would like anyone with knowledge of the following sports to get in contact with us at this site; 

Armenian Kokh

Austrian/Salzburg Ranggeln

Austrian/Carinthia Karnten ringen

Bangladeshi/Chittagong Boli Khella

Brazilian/Amazonian Huka Huka

Bulgarian Borba

Burmese/Arakan Kyun

Burmese/Karenni kae htoe boe

Cambodian bok cham bad

Chinese/Yunnan Yi wrestling

Chinese/Hmong Ndrual Dluad

Cook Islands Popoko

Filipino/Visayan dumog

Filipino/Ifugao bultong

French/Basque Barroka

Georgian chidaoba

Hungarian grundbirkozas

Indian/Manipur mukna or mizo inchai

Indian/Mizoram inbuan or insuknawr

Indian/Nagaland Naga wrestling

Indian/Nicobar Islands kirip

Indonesian/Aceh Gedou Gedou

Indonesian/Bandung benjang gulat tradisional

Indonesian/Bali mepantigan

Indonesian/Kalimantan Puyuq

Indonesian/Lombok Palaru

Indonesian/Madura okol gulat tradisional

Indonesian/Rembang Pathol

Iranian/Khorasan bachookheh kushti

Kiribati te bomwane

Madagascan ringa

Mexican/Guerrero porrazo del tigre

Pakistani/Sindh malakhra

Romanian/Moldovan trynta

Spanish lucha Canaria

Spanish lucha Leonesa

Taiwanese Aboriginal mariwariwos

Vietnamese dau vat

or any of the traditional styles from around the world could be included in this formula. Contact us if this is of interest to you. 


For information about Indigenous American Wrestling  

see PDF attachment  


For information about the origin of Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling in the pre-colonial period

see PDF attachment


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