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Our closest links are with;


Australian Sumo Federation who are in turn linked with the Oceania Sumo Union and the International Sumo Federation. They have been functioning since 1992 making them the oldest traditional wrestling organisation in Australia. Because of similarities in the sports, coreeda wrestlers have participated at sumo tournaments in Australia as well as internationally and will continue to do so.


Sambo Australia was formed in 2010 to promote the Russian martial arts of Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo in Australia and is the official national representative body for the International Sambo Federation FIAS that endorses the Sambo World Championship; the only way to represent your country in these sports is through them and coreeda wrestlers do participate regularly in their tournament circuits.   


Turk Wrestling Australia has been functioning on and off since the 1970s but officially registered as a body in 2000, right after the Sydney Olympic Games. As an organisation it was designed to encourage Australian youth of Turkish descent to get involved in wrestling and arranges performances of traditional oil wrestling at Turkish Festivals. Australian  Turkish wrestlers greatly helped in the early development of Coreeda and their ability is greatly appreciated by us.


Association of Australian Celtic Wrestlers was created in 1999 to promote the Celtic sports that were played in colonial Australia, such as Cornish Wrasslin and Scottish Backhold and they have a website outlining their activities including performances at various festivals which can be see at;


The African Wrestling & Sports Federation of Australia was created at the start of 2011 to promote the various styles of Indigenous African Wrestling at community festivals to provide a cultural link with the home continent and is a key organisation within the Australian Society of Traditional Wrestlers network. They are closely connected with the Traditional Sports Federation of Nigeria and are building similar links with other traditional wrestling federations in Senegal, Congo, Northern Sudan, Southern Sudan and Kenya. The president John Nze-Bertram has done much in a very short time to build awareness of mankind's most ancient sporting heritage and more can be see at the website;


The International Budo Federation Australia has been functioning for many years trying to build a sense of community amongst the diverse forms of martial arts practiced in Australia and they provide connection to other grappling organisations such as the Australian Judo Union, the Australian Sambo Federation as well as various jujitsu & MMA clubs. Their website is a superb reference for anyone wanting to train seriously in martial arts and I recommend looking at it if this is your goal;


It is rare in the martial arts industry to find instructors willing to open their curriculum up to traditional grappling but we are very fortunate to find one in Sydney at the Budo Ryu Kempo Martial Arts Club. I applaud Cheryl & Hugh for taking this approach & can vouch that they run a very family friendly organisation through their multiple venues which can be found at their website;  


Wrestling Australia Inc were formerly known as the Australian Wrestling Union and they have been arranging for Australian wrestlers to participate in international tournaments, including the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, since 1911 making them the oldest grappling organisation still functioning in Australia. In addition to running tournaments in Greco, Freestyle and Feminine Wrestling they are an Australian Sports Commission recognised National Sporting Organisation affiliated with the Oceania Council of Associated Wrestling Styles and FILA the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, they can be contacted via their various state bodies at;


Judo Federation of Australia was formed in 1952 making it the second oldest grappling organisation in this country and just like Wrestling Australia Inc they have recognition from from the Australian Sports Commission as a bona fide National Sporting Organisation. With Associations in every state & connected internationally to the Oceania Judo Union and the International Judo Federation, it is worthwhile contacting them to find a good grappling class near you;


Australian Jujitsu Federation is the third major Australian Sports Commission recognised National Sporting Organisation that has an emphasis grappling combat sports, which promotes various styles of traditional Japanese Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu, European Jujitsu, Korean Hapkido and Aikido. They are connected to various international organisations and are the governing body to send athletes to Sport Accord recognised international events;


The largest grappling organisation in this country however is the Australian Federation of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu which is affiliated with the Gracie Family's International Federation of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu. It was formed in 1994 making it the oldest Brasilian Jiu Jitsu organisation outside of Brazil but may soon be changing their name to the Australian Federation of Jui Jitsu according to the founder Peter de Been who built this impressive organisation from scratch. With affiliate clubs all around the land I'm sure it won't be too hard to find a good grappling club near you;


The Australian Kabaddi Federation teaches a traditional Indian type of combat sport that is growing in international popularity through the International Kabaddi Federation. Run by the Australian Sikh Community the Australian Championships coincide with the annual Australian Sikh Games;


For the first time in Australian history we also have an experienced instructor of Persian martial arts in Khashi Heidari who formed the Zurkhaneh-House of Power in Sydney and affiliated it with the International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation, which has over 50 nations competing in an annual World Championship. Teaching not just impressive physical strength, speed & endurance but also high moral development based on a 5,000 year old tradition that produced the first major world empire, I would highly recommend this training regime for anyone who wants to become the best they can;


The Australian Tug of War Association has recently joined forces with the Australian Society of Traditional Wrestlers helping to boost numbers and influence. They are members of Tug of War International Federation and can be contacted via their website;


The Australian Armwrestling Federation has likewise joined for similar reasons believing in the concept of strength in solidarity and alongside their parent body the World Armwrestling Federation have much information to share about them at;


The Ancient Arts Fellowship is a central Medieval Reenactment organisation who have built a connection with the Association of Australian Celtic Wrestlers by sending competitors to competitions and can be contacted at their website;


The Boomerang Association of Australia is like the Coreeda Association of Australia in many ways in that they are keeping an indigenous sporting tradition alive. Their website is encyclopedic and a wide array of weapons can be found;


Australian Anthropology or Ausanthrop has detailed information about the Coreeda Association on its site;,1047,2479


Infinite MMA has a regularly updated forum for martial artists across Australia and New Zealand with a section dedicated to grappling styles which has included discussion about Coreeda;


Another Australian martial arts forum can be found at the Martial Arts News & Video site run by the good people at Weapons Plus Martial Arts Supplies;


Rumble Magazine is Australia's first professional wrestling editorial but not only does it cover news both within the Australian professional wrestling scene and around the world with organisation like World Wrestling Entertainment and Mexican Lucha Libre but it also has extensive coverage of Mixed Martial Arts events and general grappling sports from around Australia. The editor Marek Indyka has taken an approach that all these activities must work more closely together for mutual support, even if the philosophical approach is different and this attitude must be applauded. Take time to read the articles because they are often very informative;


Closely realted to Rumble Magazine is the Wrestle Hustle website that has frequent upadtes of what is happening in the world of professional wrestling, professional MMA and professional sumo. This can be seen at this site;




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